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Biography Boris Petrovsky

Short Biography

Boris Petrovsky studied at the University of Fine Arts (HfBK) in Hamburg.
Since 2007 he lives and workes in Constance (Germany) where he was also born in 1967.

His works are awarded by the Prix Ars Electronica 2010 and 2014 with a honorary mention in in interactive art and with a jury selection by the Japan Media Arts Festival 2012.
He exhibited and performed at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, (ZKM) (Germany), participated in the Media Art Festivals »Paranoia« 2010 and »Mikro Makro« 2014 (France), The DEAF Biennale (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival) 2014 in Rotterdam, Mapping Festival 2011 in Geneva, (Switzerland), exhibited at Centre for International Light Art in Unna (Germany) 2013 and Kunstmuseum Celle – »Scheinwerfer« light art in Germany in the 21st century – in Celle (Germany) 2014, was presented in Art Fairs in Karlsruhe (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Dornbirn (Austria), Unpainted media art fair Munich with The View media Art space (Switzerland) 2014.
He is represented in the media art collection of the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, (ZKM) (Germany) and in the permanent exhibition at the German National Library, Museum of Books and Writing in Leipzig (Germany).



Boris Petrovsky's work deals with the connections between idea, sign, concept and object in a media-centric world. His objects and installations, which become “processors” of communications, information and their contexts through light, sound and kinetics, are characterized by the investigation of the construction of reality. They are frequently virtually extended or networked across different locations over the Internet. Petrovsky’s art thus invokes a critical state between work, tool and raw material, between chaos, cluster and form, between illusion, manipulation and conspiracy.


Boris Petrovsky beschäftigt sich in seiner künstlerischen Arbeit mit den Zusammenhängen von Vorstellungen und Zeichen, Begriffen und Objekten einer hypermedialisierten Welt. Die Untersuchung von Wirklichkeitsmodellen prägt seine Objekte, performativen Installationen und szenischen Konstellationen. Über Licht, Sound, Kinetik und Netzverbindungen entwickelten sich Boris Petrovskys Arbeiten zu idiosynkratischen Informations- und Kommunikationsprozessoren. Seine Kunst operiert gattungs- und zustandsübergreifend zwischen Werk, Werkzeug und Rohmaterial, zwischen Chaos, Cluster und Gestalt, zwischen technisierten Allmachtsfantasien, profanem Alltag und feedbackoptimierter Ohnmacht, zwischen Illusion, Manipulation und Konspiration.

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